John Chest & Christian Van Horn Headline San Francisco Opera’s ‘Billy Budd’


The opera is set to star John Chest in the title role in his company debut alongside William Burden as Edward Fairfax Vere and Christian Van Horn as the villainous John Claggart. The ensemble cast will also feature Philip Horst as Mr. Redburn, Wayne Tigges as Mr. Flint, Christian Pursell as Lieutenant Ratcliffe, Robert Brubaker as Red Whiskers, Brenton Ryan as a Novice, Christopher Colmenero as Maintop, Matthew O’Neill as Squeak, John Brancy as Donald, Edward Nelson as Bosun, Sidney Outlaw as First Mate, Kenneth Overton as Second Mate, Eugene Villanueva as the Novice’s Friend, Philip Skinner as Dansker and Hadleigh Adams as Arthur Jones.